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Bee Trailers Australia have been importing Goosenecks and Bumper Pull trailers since 2006 and are the only distributor for Bee Trailers USA, in Australia. Manufactured in the United States, our trailers are built with galvanneal steel, and are made strong enough to withstand our Australian Conditions and roads.

• We offer a range of custom quality fit outs, or you can order your trailer bare, and DIY.

• All trailers come with horse section complete, including large bays to suit the larger horse!

• Horse bays are 8’2” in length and 30” wide, with an internal height of 7’3”.  Tack box with swing out saddle racks, and bridle hooks, all of which can be removed easily.

• Internal lights for easy loading in the dark, drop down aluminium windows, all with fly screens, 2 way overhead vents for airflow and comfort of your horses.

• Your choice of step in or ramp and barn door tailgates.

• All trailers come standard with heavy duty axles and 4 x 12” electric brakes and break away system.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Bee Trailer contact Sam on 0428 342 987 or email


Galvannealed Steel:

Bee Trailers has been conducting field tests on galvannealed sheets for over 10 years.

We have been extremely pleased with the excellent corrosion resistance and durability that this sheet exhibits. Since July 2000, we have incorporated this sheet on all of our “Bee” trailers, and believe that it offers the best of both worlds. Not only do you have the life expectancy of aluminum, but you also have the strength of a steel trailer.









Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions about galvannealed sheets that will help you understand what makes it the most sensible option for building horse trailers:

1. What is a galvannealed sheet? A galvannealed sheet is car bon steel that is coated with zinc on both sides by the continuous hot dip process. It is then heated to such a point that it forms a zinciron alloy.

2. Is galvannealed the same as galvanized? No. Galvanized is simply a coating over steel. The process which for ms the zinc iron alloy is what separates these two products.

3. Will paint stick to galvannealed sheets? Yes. The excellent paint adhesion to this mater ial is one of its best attr ibutes. Due to the slight texture of the surface, paint will form a stronger bond with it than with regular cold roll sheet metal.

4. Will galvannealed rust? All metals will eventually rust or corrode, including aluminum. However , the zinciron alloy of a galvannealed sheet has proven to be highly rust & corrosion resistant even in an unpainted condition.

5. What is the life expectancy of a galvannealed trailer? As with any product, proper care and maintenance plays a vital role in its life expectancy. Since it is the same material that automobile manufacturers use, and because we use automotive grade paint, the same care should be used on the trailer as with your automobile. If you follow this guideline, you should easily be able to enjoy pulling your trailer for many, many years to come.


With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Bee Trailers is recognized for superior craftsmanship and durability.  Family owned and operated since 1977, each trailer is built with pride and great attention to detail.  Once you’ve owned a Bee Trailer, you’ll never be satisfied with the status quo again.  Click here to go to the American Bee trailer site.


FOR SALE (in stock September)

2-Horse-Goosey$36,000 (plus GST)







trailer-2Bee Stinger 2 horse bumper pull horse float.  $23,000 (incl GST)