Sam and Liz started Saddle Mate (a small Victorian country business selling our Saddle Mate kits and accessories, importing Bee Trailers from USA) as well as our Lifestyle Performance Horses Pty Ltd horse training/coaching facility, in 2006.

Being avid horse people and travelling Australia-wide to most big QH horse shows, we had a need to transport our saddles and gear with care!  We found the need for a saddle stand that could hold a Western and English saddle in place while in transit, and found the Saddle Boss ™ Mould was the answer – a polypropylene injection mould that would do just that!

Once at the shows, we needed to store our saddles, which led us to design our single and multiple hangers.  These have proven very handy as they are easily transported and are light in weight coming apart into easy to  store sizes.  Our single hanger has also been a fantastic addition to our barn, as they easily hang in the breezeway, which give us somewhere to put our saddles while working horses.

Horse people designing horse products!